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2022 Indiana University Virtual Education Conference

From Thriving to Surviving

July 13-14th, 2022

The Indiana University Education Conference provides professional development opportunities to educators and administrators in K-12 and higher education that lead to equitable educational outcomes for students of color.

This year, we are providing a virtual and physical format to accommodate educators and administrators across the state and throughout the country.

This year, topics will include:

  • the state of K-12 and higher education;

  • strategies to support equity in schools and the returned benefits;

  • social and emotional learning with an emphasis on how to teach and learn in the context of stress and the pandemic;

  • educational rights issues associated with grade retention, remedial class assignments, and standardized testing

  • how to combat chronic absenteeism;

  • positive discipline;

  • school safety and the necessary role of social workers and counselors versus police and security officers;

  • new pathways for high school students:

  • innovation in education;

  • minority teacher recruitment; and

  • other important topics

Participants will be provided links to live stream all sessions on Wednesday. PGP points will be provided.

Individual Registration here >

Groups Registration here >

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