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Back-to-School Mental Wellness Resources Available Through the Believe In You Campaign

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction has expanded its mental wellness focus through the Believe in You campaign ( This expanded campaign is designed to further support Hoosier youth in building a stronger sense of self. These resources focus on specific topics and behaviors that have been identified as risk areas for alcohol and substance misuse, such as developing mental strength, positive thinking, coping techniques, and self-control.

The beginning of the school year marks a significant phase of transition for students. It's a time filled with new faces, environments, and potentially, anxieties. The Believe in You campaign aims to encourage students to build self-belief and resilience, enabling them to better negotiate new circumstances—like a new school year.

This campaign is designed to remind them of their potential, their capabilities, and their inherent power to shape their future. With this newfound confidence, they are more capable of overcoming academic hurdles, building new relationships, and positively integrating into new environments, while avoiding the pressure to use substances.

Since the launch of the campaign in 2022, the Believe in You has connected with organizations that serve over 26,000 youth. Community groups or organizations that engage with youth are invited to consider adopting the program and mentoring youth through a guided plan. The Resource Center is available here and includes a workflow guide that can work seamlessly within your organizational structure, along with all program materials, including discussion guides, a campaign roadmap, lesson plans and more.

For additional information on how to leverage this program in your community, contact Amber Becker, DMHA Director of Child, Youth, and Family Systems, at or 317.232.8908 to sign up for a 30-minute virtual training session.

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