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Building Literacy Through Playing Games

September 20 & 27 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

In this virtual Indiana Afterschool Network Trailblazer series, participants will learn various methods for encouraging positive reading habits through the use of games and activities. Activities are meant to be multi-functional and can be adapted to fit children from kindergarten through the fifth grade.

Session 1 - September 20

It Really Is Fun and Games… I Promise

In this session, participants will explore how fluency and vocabulary can be improved through game play and how developing these skills will impact overall reading ability. Participants will leave with a minimum of three new games to test out in their programs.

Session 2 - September 27

Raising Reading Levels and Boosting Confidence

Sometimes real progress is hard to make until the child believes that it can be done. So many kids have been told or have told themselves that “they can’t read” and it has done horrible things to their confidence. In this follow up session we discuss how to improve reading level and comprehension while boosting confidence. Participants will learn three comprehension games as well as some confidence-boosting strategies.

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