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Collaboration in Polarized Times

The ability of diverse groups to collaborate toward shared goals is a prerequisite for collective impact. But many communities can become segmented—including by demographics, experiences, and ideologies, and find themselves facing misunderstandings, misinformation, and intense polarization. In that turmoil, is working together across differences possible? And can philanthropy play a role in helping people work together?

In this thought-provoking discussion from the 2022 Collective Impact Action Summit, four speakers explore assumptions and complicated narratives about the opportunities for (and barriers to) collaboration across lines of difference, including what’s worked well, what hasn’t, and how funders can better support communities to gather and collaborate across differences.

Participating in this discussion are:

o Kristen Cambell, CEO, PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement)

o Wendy Feliz, Managing Director, American Immigration Council

o Andrew Hanauer, President and CEO, One America Movement

o Ted Johnson, Senior Director of the Fellows Program, Brennan Center for Justice

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