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College and Career Support for Foster, Undocumented and Homeless Youth

through the Indiana Youth Institute

May 11, 12n-1pm

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover considerations for supporting foster, homeless, and undocumented youth

  2. Identify areas of interest in the workforce for youths

  3. Explore resources to support youths in development as students and professionals

  4. Examine college admission policies and possible obstacles

  5. Identify what to ask colleges as an undocumented student supporters

  6. Examine resources to help with financial obligations for college

  7. Explain about federal and state legislation concerning special populations

In this College, Career, and Counseling Webinar, panelists will share insights on working with young people transitioning from homelessness and out of foster care to maximize their career opportunities and successes. We will also look at the challenges that our undocumented students face ranging from legal status issues, safety concerns, and financial burdens.

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