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Exactly how to run your 2023 brainstorming session

1. Word vomit everything you want to cover

You may plan a full agenda ahead of time or open up a notebook when you arrive and just spit out any and everything that’s on your mind.

2. Focus on the feeling

Now this is where brainstorming looks more different than other business coaches.

Give yourself more room to say, “How does this feel?”; it’s important to acknowledge that.

Check in with yourself because you can’t just be building for ‘future you’.

You need to make sure ‘current you’ is still feeling fiery about the projects at hand because that’s honestly how you bring your best work to the table.

Some questions we look at here include…

  • What’s working in the business?

  • What’s not?

  • Are you enjoying these parts of it?

3. Review the metrics

The numbers in our business always tell an interesting story...

  • What did people respond to?

  • Where did we focus our energy?

  • Were there expenses that got away from me?

  • Why do the numbers look the way they do?

Combine those "feelings" around your year and the metrics and see if you can find any 'sweet spots' that feel really good and have the potential to grow.

4. Connect it to the long-term vision

This is where we spend the most energy. We go back and forth between the long-term vision connection and how we feel about it in the short-term, as it’s really an interconnected relationship between the two.

You want to make sure things are working and flowing in the short term, but also getting you closer to that long-term vision.

That’s questions like…

  • What do we need to do more of next year?

  • What do we need to cut next year?

  • Where do we need to change our approach?

And of course when we get closer to our game plan for 2023, does that plan align with our long-term goals?

5. Get tangible next steps

Brainstorming is fun but you want to take the time THE SAME DAY to get really clear on your actionable next steps.

You may find you don’t get to a fully concrete game plan for next year by the end of the day, but rather have some clear homework to help solidify and guide that game plan that’s close to fruition.

From: Mallory Rowan, Business Coach,

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