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Faith & Action Conference: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Join the Christian Theological Seminary on March 8th at the Faith & Action Spring Conference from 8:30am-3:30pm. Keynote address will be from Rabbi Sharon Brous, conversations about work and poverty, the sharing of best practices, and testimonies from community members about their journeys to promising employment and stability. The remainder of the day's Agenda will include much more to help address our youth and poverty.

Poverty and employment used to be considered mutually exclusive. Today, however, many Central Indiana residents live in or on the verge of poverty despite being employed, and others struggle to attain employment. It’s a problem too big for individual agencies, congregations, or nonprofits to tackle alone. To find pathways to promising employment, our entire community must work together.

The 2023 Faith & Action Spring Conference will convene subject matter experts, organization leaders, and like-minded community members to help to make that happen.

Conference registration closes March 2. Register and learn more here >

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