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FASD & The Criminal Justice System

Webinar; November 16, 10am to 12n

The focus of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): A Brief Introduction for the Criminal Justice Profession will be on a short history and explanation related to the overall spectrum attributed to fetal alcohol. It will touch briefly upon recognition of so called ‘red flags’, what is considered and what is necessary in relation to a diagnosis. Yet, what often is the results when a diagnosis isn’t possible or the red flags aren’t recognized? Stemming from those results, how impactful is FASD on the justice system as a whole and what tends to differentiate FASD from other intellectual disabilities? Finally, tips of the trade and considerations related to policing, corrections, the courts, and probation will be introduced with heavy emphasis on recommendations of the American Bar Association stemming from their standing resolution in regard to Fetal Alcohol.

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