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Fishers Independent Adult Day Center provides transportation!

From Independent Adult Day Centers -

"When you choose transportation services from Independent Adult Day Centers, your Guest will receive transportation to and from their home to our Center. This service is safe, easy, and convenient to use, with the following great benefits:

  • Guests are picked up in the morning and returned home in the evening.

  • Vans are equipped to accommodate wheelchairs and power chairs.

  • We can transport Guests to and from our community events and outings.

  • Transportation is also available to and from medical appointments during the day.

We can accommodate Guests with a broad variety of transportation needs thanks to our fleet of well-equipped vans. This helps Guests to feel in command of how they live their lives — with more options to explore the world outside their homes. And referring them to Independent Adult Day Centers allows us to help them stay on track with medical appointments, active, and on the go. Call us today at 317-751-9412 to make a referral."

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