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Hamilton County Holiday Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Good Samaritan Network

Primary Holiday Events In Need of Hundreds of Volunteers:

  • Thanksgiving Distribution

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Distribution

  • Christmas Eve

Please volunteer! You can volunteer as often as you like, any of the 6 events, multiple shifts.

GSN has prepared a detailed document to help you navigate Holiday Volunteering with GSN. When you sign-up online select the 2021 Holiday Assistance Volunteer QuickVIEW (PDF) to view or download.

Sign-up here >

You could also iSponsor instead!

You decide how many families to sponsor, city/age preferences, etc. Upon submitting an application and agreeing to be a sponsor a family(s) will be assigned specific to you. Within a reasonable amount of time a family information will be provided to you with full contact information and any related details.

Visit Good Samaritan Network ONLINE for details (select iSponsor PDF packet) and/or to sign-up:

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