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HANDS in Autism: Updates & Resources

Community Connections: Share, Discuss & Engage

With January being National Mentoring Month, HANDS in Autism Community Connections are back in motion with topics around mentoring. Hear from presenters about leadership and guidance and engage in discussion around mentorship this January! Share with individuals you know with ASD or a related disability, and learn more and register here: . Community Connections occur every Friday from 3:30-5pm ET.

‘Ask Us About’ Series

Need ideas for events or strategies to prepare individuals with ASD? Join HANDS on January 11th and/or 18th from 3:30-5pm for our new ‘Ask Us About’ series. Topics will include back to school resources & tips as well as National Mentoring Month. This series is a part of our free online office hours and occurs twice a month on Tuesdays. Learn more and register at

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