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Honestly, just unfollow - social media health

Try this: Declutter your timeline by unfollowing people (like the suspiciously happy high school sweethearts that make you feel bad about your situationship) and accounts (like ones you started hate-following in 2014) that are no longer serving you. It’s a virtual purge that’ll feel like a long, much-needed exhale.

Think on this: What is the thing you’re craving the most right now? Whether it’s time, space, or just a nap, what’s keeping you from it?

Remember this: Your relationship with yourself is the most important one.

Make it harder to mindlessly scroll this week.

Have you ever accidentally happened upon someone else's Big Life Update while scrolling and immediately started questioning all of your life choices? Yeah, same. Because there aren't trigger warnings to help you avoid seeing your ex’s engagement reel, we asked an expert how to best avoid the social media-induced spiral...especially since this week is rife with announcements on social media.

"Sometimes we pick up our phones as a form of stimulation because we’re bored or we’re stressed," says Minaa B., LMSW. "Because we’re so attached to our devices, I think it can be important for people to separate themselves from their phones during the holidays." You don't have to stay off social media entirely, but at least find ways to make it harder to mindlessly scroll through your phone this week—that way you only engage with this kind of content when you're in the right headspace for it.

Try it: Hack your phone so you're forced to scroll with intention. Take advantage of the mute button, use time limits pre-programmed into your phone, or mute your notifications altogether with Do Not Disturb mode on the entire week. Actively setting boundaries will help you avoid the negative feelings that come with being *very online*.

Delete these things from your mental files

  • That catchy commercial jingle that’s been stuck in your head for years

  • The Shakespearean sonnet you had to memorize in ninth grade

  • The time you got in a stranger’s car thinking it was your Uber

  • The corner of your bathroom that no amount of bleach can cleanse

  • How much you paid to see that movie that made zero sense in theaters

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