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Indiana Military Legislative Day

The Indiana Military & Veterans Legislative Day (IMVLD) event, was founded in 2013 by Representative John L. Bartlett and a group of volunteers consisting of nonpartisan, not-for-profit Indiana Veteran Service Organizations and Military Associations. It is co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of Indiana Legislators from the House and Senate.

The overall event intends to enhance communications between Indiana active duty and reserve component Military members, Veterans, and family’s with the State Senators and Representatives regarding military and Veteran-specific legislation moving through the Indiana General Assembly.

We know participation by Veterans and their families during active legislative sessions in the Indiana General Assembly can make a real difference when legislators decide the outcome of various bills. By contracting legislators early in the session regarding legislation, each person can play a pivotal role in making Indiana a better place for our Veterans and their families to work, play and live.

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