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Indiana’s CANS and ANSA tools update for SFY24

Indiana’s CANS and ANSA tools are being updated for SFY24. Gradual implementation began in January 2023 and will be effective July 1, 2023. To support the changes, effective April 17, 2023, the TCOM training site will be updated with three new courses with the briefer, standardized Early Childhood CANS-EC, CANS 6+ and ANSA tools. The updated manuals and training describe the domains, item names and descriptions, rating anchors (examples), and optional questions to facilitate discussions. Going forward, CANS and ANSA training and certification will use these briefer standardized tools.

Find the Praed Foundation/CANS and ANSA Training site here >

(Please note, you will NOT be required to retake your certification test(s) if your expiration date is current. However, we encourage you to use the TCOM training website as a resource to familiarize yourself with the new tools. To ensure that you understand the changes, we recommend using the brief online quizzes for each domain to practice accurately rating each item. Also, consider taking a few practice tests and recertify if time allows.

To access the new SFY24 CANS and ANSA reference guides (manuals) and rating sheets, visit the DARMHA documents page. If you need assistance the TCOM training site, contact their support team (

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