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IYI Webinar: The Issues and How to Tackle Them

From SCAN Region 3. Two topics in one webinar!

Creating a Trauma-Informed Restorative Culture

  • The need for connection, belonging, and community has never been stronger. This presentation from the co-author of Hacking School Discipline - Nathan Maynard, will focus on setting the stage for creating a learning environment around belonging and restorative practices. Participants will be given strategies for how to look at behavior as a form of communication and focus on building empathy among youth, especially for those with a history of trauma.

Exploring Connections: Youth Mental Health, Trauma, and Bullying

  • It is no secret that there is a complex intersection between trauma, bullying, and youth mental health. Through research and years of practical experience working with at-promise youth, Dr. Luke Roberts, of Cambridge University, offers a unique perspective on what it takes to build a culture of restorative and positive relationships, while being empathetic to unique mental health challenges and trauma. Join us to learn about his insights, expertise, and best practices related to this critical juncture in youth development.

Webinar will take place on May 30, from noon – 2:00 ET. Register here >

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