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JRNY Counseling Fundraising Campaign

In 2022 JRNY Counseling was able to provide free or reduced services to people in our community in the amount of 40k. As of 2023 that number has already grown to 55k. JRNY Counseling loves to work with community partners to find grant money, but the need is quickly outgrowing those resources. If you or someone you know has ever benefited from therapy, you know that reducing some of the financial barriers can help you get that service sooner. In order for JRNY counseling to continue to give back to the community, we need help from the community. September is National recovery month and in an effort to support that nationally and in our local community we are asking that you consider donating to this fundraiser so that we can continue the good work we have already started.

There are corporate sponsorship options available, if interested reach out to Holly Homan. We will also accept checks.

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