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Open DMHA RFF - Transportation providers

Request for Funding - 2022-015 Transportation for Respite Services for the Child Mental Health Wraparound program

The Division of Mental Health and Addiction, Bureau of Youth Services is pleased to announce a Request for Funding -2022-015 Transportation for Respite Services for the Child Mental Health Wraparound program. Transportation continues to be a barrier for youth benefiting from Child Mental Health Wraparound program to access facility-based respite care services. The division is granting funds to overcome this barrier by assisting with transportation services to/from the youth’s location within 120 miles of the facility-based respite site.

This grant will be funded beginning Sept. 1,2022, through Feb. 28, 2023. The potential respondents for the RFF include authorized DMHA CMHW providers. Allowable costs can include vehicle lease, insurance, registration, maintenance, safety features, accessibility adaptations and other approved costs. Items prohibited include advertisement on the outside of the vehicle used to transport or the use of cargo or panel vehicles with no windows.

Priority will be given to respondents with extended operation hours outside of business hours and those respondents serving rural areas of the state.

Additional information and how to apply is available on the DMHA funding opportunity webpage > . The division has been awarded funding through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplement Appropriations Act 2021 funding through Mental Health Block Grant.

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