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Pick a theme for 2023!

Rather than commit to an overly ambitious resolution, pick a word or phrase that defines your intention for the new year, says psychotherapist Sarah Ahmed, RSW. Unlike making a list of random tasks to accomplish, choosing a theme can help you make positive changes to the way you approach everyday situations. Since there’s less pressure to accomplish a thing, it can feel more sustainable over the next 12 months. You’re just doing life as you normally do—just with a bit more mindfulness about how this ladders up to your 2023 theme.

Think about the big-picture things you’d like to make a priority in the coming year. Maybe that’s something like peace or connection or honesty. Once you have your theme, write it down and keep it in mind when you make big decisions, encounter conflicts, or feel discouraged. For example, if you choose the word ‘intentionality,’ you can use this in your decision-making process throughout the year. ‘I want my choices to be very intentional, I want my commitments to be very intentional, I want my relationships to be intentional.'

Things to let go of in 2023:

  • Goals that make you feel bad about yourself

  • Relationships that no longer serve you

  • Subscriptions you don’t actually use

  • Unrealistic expectations for yourself and others

Try this: Make a list of goals you can realistically achieve within the next week, like reading a chapter of that book or going to bed 10 minutes earlier. Then, jot down the small steps you can take to get them done.

Think on this: What was your favorite moment of 2022 and why?

Remember this: It's OK if 2022 wasn't your year.

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