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Queer Clinical Consultation SPECIAL December Meeting

Recently 2 well-known trans medical care providers agreed to interview with a known anti-trans reporter. Some of the statements that these doctors said are disputed by evidence, yet these statements are being picked up in other articles, and are being repeated, quoted, and exaggerated in fear mongering ways. As allies, part of our role can be to help others parse through what is misinformation versus what are true things that are stated in misleading ways. To help us be ready to support caregivers in this way, Dr. Fortenberry, from the Riley Gender Clinic, has agreed to join us for a round table style discussion at the December Queer Clinical Consultation meeting on 12/15/21 from 3-4p. Anyone interested is welcome to register. For the sake of confidentiality, please email the Director of Coordination for A Healthier Hamilton County: Systems of Care at to be connected to registration.

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