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Recovery Cafe Hamilton County operation hours updating

Dear Community,

Recovery Café Hamilton County, is growing in membership and as a popular hangout spot for people in recovery. Beginning May 12th, the café will be changing our hours of operation from Sundays 9am-1pm to Fridays 10am-3pm. This change may seem like a small one, but it could have a significant impact on the lives of those who frequent the café.

For starters, the new hours could make the café more accessible to people who have other commitments on Sundays. Many people in recovery are trying to rebuild their lives, spend time with family or recharge spiritually on Sundays. By opening on Fridays instead of Sundays, the café is now more accommodating to those who may have other obligations on the weekend.

Additionally, the extended hours on Friday may provide more opportunities for people to connect with one another and build relationships. One of the main draws of Recovery Café is its supportive community atmosphere. By having more time to spend together, people in recovery may be able to forge stronger bonds and provide more meaningful support to one another. By adjusting its hours, the café may be able to reach even more people and provide an even greater level of support and assistance.

Overall, the decision to change the hours of operation at Recovery Café could have a positive impact on the lives of many people in recovery. By being more accessible and providing more opportunities for connection, the café may be able to help even more people on their journey to healing and recovery.

Joylynn Foli

Executive Director, Recovery Cafe Hamilton County

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