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Reset Super Conference - virtual

It’s no secret that we’ve all experienced unprecedented change, upheaval, and stress over the past few years. And this is on top of any early life trauma or other challenges we’ve internalized. Over time, these stressors cause you to develop a maladaptive stress response that sends your nervous system into overdrive. And an overactive nervous system then perpetuates the cycle of stress — leading to anxiety, fatigue, burnout, moodiness, and an overall lack of resilience and motivation! Pretty hard to live your best, fullest, most purposeful life from this state. But here’s the thing: it’s totally possible to rebalance your nervous system as a means of experiencing much greater happiness, peace, joy, purpose, direction, and drive!

Here’s a general breakdown of the daily themes:

  • Day 1: Trauma - Understanding how trauma contributes to a chronically dysregulated nervous system

  • Day 2: The Nervous System - Tools and techniques for understanding and regulating your nervous system

  • Day 3: Mind/Body - A somatic approach to the nervous system that makes clear the undeniable connection between the brain and the body

  • Day 4: Relationships - Using our nervous system as a center for wisdom to grow healthy relationships and set boundaries in unhealthy ones

  • Day 5: Anxiety - Embracing anxiety as a signal we can work with to re-regulate our nervous system and build resilience toward stressors

  • Day 6: Rest - A critical part of nervous system integration and regulation is good quality rest including sleep.

  • Day 7: Functional Medicine - Functional medicine approaches to nervous system regulation and support

Gain access to the Reset Super Conference, which includes Dr. Stephen Porges from IU, Dr. Dan Siegel, on-demand sessions, and more here >

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