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Support your student’s mental health through resources from Erika's Lighthouse

The Resource Portal account at has so many free programs and resources you can use. Our materials work in diverse school settings around the world. Just a few of the materials available are:

  • Classroom Education Programs

    • Level I: We All Have Mental Health - for grades 4-6 NEW!

    • Level II: Depression Awareness - for grades 5-9

    • Level III: Depression Education & Suicide Awareness - for grades 8-12

    • Optional Program Additions

  • School Policy, Training & Engagement materials to align your efforts

    • Professional Development and Educator Supports

  • Teen Empowerment Club Resources for peer leadership

    • Awareness Into Action Activities with turn-key schoolwide campaigns

  • Family Engagement & Education

You can find all these resources here >

As a reminder, all resources are free! All Erika's Lighthouse asks is that you let them know if you will be using any of their materials. Let them know by clicking here. >

If you have any questions, feel free to email or set up a call ( or use the Discussion Forum on the Resource Portal to chat with other members of the Erika’s Lighthouse community.

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