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Supporting People after Emergencies

The Counter-Terrorism Preparedness Network is proud to launch a new Compendium of learning, practices, and further resources for supporting people after acts of terror and other disasters. Its content has been developed from the collective experience and expertise of its Humanitarian Assistance and Psychosocial Support Expert Group.

Announcing the Compendium launch, its Chair, Dr. Anne Eyre, said: ‘We hope this will be a helpful source of information and support to professionals working across the fields of counter-terrorism, emergency planning, and humanitarian assistance. Dealing with collective tragedy is always hard, but having access to the experience, learning, and support of others who have been there before can make a difference. Our Group exists for this.’

To access the Draft of the Humanitarian Assistance and Psychosocial Support Compendium outline and explanation, click here >

HAPSS Compendium-Interim Draft 2023
Download PDF • 2.96MB

For more information about the Compendium and Expert Group, please contact the Chair, Dr Anne Eyre:

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