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Teen Dating Violence and Mental Health

There are many short and long-term effects experienced by someone experiencing teen dating violence. Often times, teen relationships are brushed off as insignificant, but the reality is, teens take these relationships very seriously and when they end in unhealthy, abusive or violent terms, the effects can be long lasting.

According to the CDC, victims of teen dating violence are more likely to experience:

- depression and anxiety - antisocial behaviors like theft, bullying, hitting or lying - suicidal ideation - engaging in unhealthy behaviors like smoking, drugs or alcohol

Our program aims to lessen these long-term effects by teaching the warning signs of unhealthy/toxic/abusive/violent relationships so that young people are able to recognize the signs early. We do this by modeling and teaching qualities of healthy, safe relationships, and working with young people on how they can support their friends experiencing teen dating violence.

If you have a young person in your life, ask about their relationships and offer guidance on naming and managing emotions and healthy communication skills. If you work in a school or community center and want us to bring our curriculum, The Change Project, to your young people, please reach out to Corinne Herndon, Youth Program Manager, at

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