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The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks while also under self-imposed pressure to contemplate the trajectory of your organization? The future is unclear and the only certainty is knowing your personal capabilities and potential. Ball State: Fishers is ready to offer the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile!

This assessment measures seven personality traits and seven skills, resulting in a personal scale report of YOUR innate entrepreneurial tendencies. Whether you aspire to own and run your own business or perform with an intrapreneurial mindset within a larger organizational setting, this self-awareness will put you on the path to achieving your goals with a new level of efficiency and productivity.

The $40 fee also includes a one-hour debriefing session with an EMP Certified Coach.

Please text or call Kelly Favory at (317) 985-2713 with any questions or to register.

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