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Ujima Workshops through The Domestic Violence Network

DVN is excited to partner with Ujima, a national center on violence against women in the Black Community, to offer a four-part series of workshops as part of our Community-Wide Plan. Two have been scheduled at this time.

Registration is required for the events.

The illusion of a cultural competency workshop is that it fosters the notion that you can “get it,” by taking a two-hour course. This workshop seeks to de-mystify some of the language and variances related to culture. We will explore together the role that culture, ethnicity, and race have in shaping people’s lives and lived experiences. We will also explore the impact that bias and prejudice have in shaping those experiences as well, especially for survivors. Register here >

This workshop will underscore the ways in which historical trauma and institutionalized/systemic racism have impacted Black women and girls. Workshop participants will delve into IPV and other forms of intersecting violence and examine how these multiple layers of violence impact and shape Black women’s and girls’ realities. Workshop participants will also explore and potentially critique both long-held and current narratives around Black women and girls, violence, and trauma, and the impact that these narratives have on survivors’ help-seeking abilities, strategies, and socialization.

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