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VetChange Trauma and Substance Use Coping app

A new app the VA is offering for Veterans struggling with alcohol and trauma. When launching the app, it goes through 5 questions to determine drinking habits, which then prompts feedback about patterns and the app customizes from there to each Veteran.

-You can set personal goals for how much/how many drinks per week and then can log your drinks each day (it even has a reminder for this!)

-You can record urges (think ABC worksheet info) and then it determines patterns to help Veterans understand when they may be most likely to have urges

-Lots of coping skills (urge surfing, reasons to change, motivational factors, changing thinking, grounding, etc.)

-Direct crisis contacts including those through the VA

-PTSD assessments, education, and skills

- You can set a pin number to log into the app to keep information private

Check out a 5-min YouTube Tutorial at -

VetChange is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Click here for VetChange on the App Store - Apple App

Click here for VetChange on the Google Play Store - Google Android

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