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When Disability and Depression Intersect - Independent Adult Day Centers

Depression is a serious mood disorder that can greatly impact daily life. It comes in different forms, including major depression, persistent depressive disorder, minor depression, and vascular depression.

Depression can be triggered by various factors, such as physical illness, personal loss, loneliness, or substance abuse. Identifying the triggers and seeking appropriate treatment is crucial to managing the condition effectively.

At Independent Adult Day Centers, we are dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for our Guests, including those who battle depression. HOW WE CAN HELP:

  • Support of clinicians and friends alike at the center

  • Activities to enrich and uplift mood

  • Nutritious meals to support healthy lifestyle

  • Exercise to boost positive mindset

If one of your patients, clients, or loved ones is experiencing symptoms like difficulty sleeping, persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, or thoughts of suicide, it's essential for them to seek help from a healthcare provider. A referral to Independent Adult Day Centers can be a beneficial part of their care plan to avoid battling depression alone.

Learn more about Independent Adult Day Centers, their services, and how to refer here >

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