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Wills and Estate Planning webinar

Updated: Sep 18

This training will discuss:

  • What happens when someone in Indiana dies without a will (aka Intestate)

  • Wills under Indiana Law

  • Advance Directives under Indiana Law: Durable Power of Attorney & Living Wills

  • Indiana Probate and Estate Tax Laws

  • Additional Estate Planning Considerations

September 28th from noon to 1:30pm

Register here >,Ur5AIeYZ-k2mvlCzuiw9Ew,1YdKIIwZ7kCt6aSwbjVjDw,FLUeXsGByEGNZTpJdgS-jQ,hvSeEzBKDEaTDEVH2YXbXQ,3pAFM_meVk6nqIHkP_Q2jw?mode=read&tenantId=40c44618-5e7a-4c5e-b2a4-0467ceb37f53&skipauthstrap=1

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