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Updated: Sep 2, 2022


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Get out of your comfort zone with this smart to-do list.

Facing your fears can be super daunting. But a good way to squash the power they have over you is to slowly work toward conquering them. To do that, first identify the thing that freaks you out, and then list 10 different situations in which that fear bubbles up (from least to most scary). Starting with the least intimidating, try to confront each situation and reflect on how it went. This shows you that you’re, slowly and surely, capable of doing the thing you fear. This is called habituation. It helps build confidence with time, and we no longer avoid what matters to us in life.

Try this: Before you make your next gigantic decision, write down the risks and rewards for both options. Assessing the consequences of your choices before you make them can help you approach the situation with a little more confidence, even if it is a big leap.

Try it out: Want to get over your fear of public speaking? Maybe the least scary thing is telling a story at a party and the most scary is giving a presentation at work. If you’d like, a therapist or a friend can help you make the list and hold you accountable!

Think on this: When was the last time you advocated for yourself? What was the situation, and what did you learn from it?

Remember this: Don’t confuse people’s approval with your own self-worth.

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