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Wondermind - What We Should Be Talking About During Suicide Prevention Month

Mental Fitness (noun): the practice of taking care of your mental health in small but impactful ways—whatever that looks like for you.

Try this: Check in on someone today. No pressure to apologize for how long it’s been or make a plan to catch up soon. Just something simple like, “this made me think of you” can remind people that they’re important enough to cross your mind from time to time. And that’s huge.

Think on this: What’s something you’re looking forward to next week, next month, or next year? Maybe it’s the return of your favorite show, your nephew being born, or an excuse to finally wear big chunky sweaters again. Take a second to consider how good things happen even in not-so-good times and how nice it can be to experience them.

Remember this: You are needed here.


Remember, you’re not alone in this. If you need help or know someone who might, keep these hotlines and resources handy for whenever you could use a little extra support. (Click the underlined words.)


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