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Youth Worker Cafe - Hamilton County - THIS WEEK!

Register for the In-person Event:

  • COST: No Cost - Lunch Provided by Ginger's Cafe!

At this presentation, Yalonda Brown, President of Diversity Initiatives, Engage Mentoring, will be discussing, Building a Talent Magnet Culture.

Description: In today's market, it is more critical than ever for organizations to address the key drivers for employee engagement and attracting top talent. In this session, we'll uncover what makes organizations a magnet for talent.

Learning Objective: Participants will explore tactical approaches organizations can take now to ensure access to relationships, build an inclusive culture, and ultimately attract and retain the best talent.

Location: Hamilton County 4H Fairgrounds Annex Building

In partnership with:

  • CenterPoint Foundation

  • A Healthier Hamilton County SOC

  • Child Care Answers

  • Westfield Education Foundation

Register for the In-person Event:

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