Come Together


Integral to PHHC is a coalition of community partners who lend their knowledge and talents as we work toward achieving our objectives. Our coalition is comprised of representatives from a cross-section of health care, human service, health and fitness organizations, churches, and youth-serving programs.


A coalition is defined as a group of individuals and organizations that come together to achieve a common goal. These groups share interests and see that working together toward a goal is more powerful than working alone. Often, specific groups represent a narrow area of interest, lending their expertise to meet specific facets of the coalition’s overarching goal.




Community Health Based Improvement Plan


PHHC currently is working on a community health based improvement plan that aligns with our priorities.  PHHC’s Coalition is formulating goals to overcome these problems for the improved health of the community.


Using baseline data, the coalition and its subcommittees have set objectives that are SMART—Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time Bound. From there, we’ve itemized strategic tactics that will help us achieve them. The final step is to collect outcome data to determine whether our efforts were effective.


Priority Subcommittees


Coalition subcommittees have formed to address PHHC priorities and outline goals, objectives and strategies for Hamilton County’s Community Health Improvement Plan. Each is tasked with creating programming while collecting data to ascertain effectiveness through measurable marked outcomes in the following areas:


  • Access to Care

  • Food/Nutrition/Physical Activity

  • Mental Health/Behavioral Health/Suicide Prevention/Substance Abuse

  • Tobacco Prevention and Cessation


Subcommittee meetings dates and times vary; contact us for specifics.

"The fundamental conditions and resources for health are: peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, social justice, and equity. Improvement in health requries a secure foundation in these basic prerequisites." 
World Health Organization Ottawa Charter, 1986
Fundamental Conditions
for Health