Priorities for PHHC

The Hamilton County community health needs assessment survey identified three significant needs for the health of Hamilton County residents. 

Optimizing Access To Healthcare


ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE includes lack of transportation options, and difficultly obtaining affordable healthcare. These barriers often prohibit Hamilton County residents from obtaining the healthcare they need. PHHC initiatives are established to collaborate with state, county and local organizations to improve access pathways and reduce or eliminate the barriers to achieve improved health.

Integrating Healthy Behaviors​


CHOOSING HEALTHY BEHAVIORS is one of the best ways to improve and maintain good health. Unhealthy behaviors, including smoking, alcohol, and substance abuse, lack of family planning, poor diet and lack of exercise, have direct links to incidences of cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and mental illness. 

PHHC helps to provide opportunities and services, both healthcare and educational, about the risks associated with these unhealthy behaviors while offering programming to change those behaviors long term. PHHC works as an advocate to identify opportunities to implement policy, systems and physical environment change strategies that will make the healthy choice an easy choice.

Promoting Preventive Health Services


EMBRACING THE PRINCIPLES of respectful dialogue and education, the partnership supports and promotes initiatives that improve access to medical care and health screenings. Further, supporting educational programs involving a variety of health related topics which positively impact Hamilton County residents where they live, work, play and learn; equipping individuals and groups with resources and tools to become stronger advocates for good health, medical care, nutrition and food disparities.