Executive Director

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Cathy McNulty, RN, BS, MS, PhD, CFRM

​A native of Indianapolis, Cathy began her career as a Registered Nurse, spending the majority of her clinical career working with cardiac patients.  The more she helped people recover from cardiac illnesses, the more she grew interested in prevention and wellness for better overall health. 

After completing her BS in Health and MS in Health Administration from The College of St. Francis, Cathy moved into the role of Director of Health Promotion Services at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN.  Cathy's passion led her to move to the McMillen Center for Health Education as their Executive Director.  Believing in the powerful role awareness and education play in personal and community health, Cathy led her team to develop and deliver interactive web-based health programs that would reach 45,000 youth and adults internationally. During her time at McMillen, Cathy obtained her Certificate in Fund Raising Management (CFRM) from the Indiana University School of Philanthropy.


Continuing her journey, Cathy lead the the American Red Cross in Michigan as the Regional Director, supporting communities in need during disasters, addressing community health and safety needs, and assisting families in the armed forces.  While in Michigan, Cathy completed her dissertation, entitled 'Health as a Priority Among Young Adults' and was awarded her PhD in Health Administration from Warren National University.


Returning to Indianapolis in 2012, Cathy accepted the position of Executive Director for Strategic Indiana Provider Network.  Understanding the importance of intellectual health and wellness, Cathy led a group of staff trainers in the development of a learning solution to meet the needs of the respective organizations.

Cathy joined Partnership For A Healthy Hamilton County in January, 2020.  In her spare time, Cathy loves spending time with her family, attending sporting events, traveling, swimming, and landscaping her yard in the summer.