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Youth and Family Alliance

Vision – Our Youth and Family Alliance provides a space so every youth and family is empowered to share experiences and ideas for improvement.

Mission – The Youth and Family Alliance wants to give voice to all families and youth and make an impact on the success of our community.

Monthly Meetings

fourth Thursday of each month


“Systems of Care is where everyone interested in the mental health and related needs of youth come together at the same table to figure out what is going well in the county, what we still need, and what we need to improve in our community.


The Youth and Family Subcommittee gives us - parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers, friends, youth, and people with lived experience - the opportunity to share our experiences so we can have a big impact on what’s available in our community.  The Youth and Family Subcommittee surrounds us with others who understand what we have and are going through, while giving us access to those who make decisions so we can ensure youth and families are getting the supports they need, and it gives us the opportunity to create what our community requires for success.”

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