Partnership For A Healthy Hamilton County

Healthy People, Healthy County


As residents of Hamilton County we want our communities to be safe. We want them to grow and the people of those communities to live healthy lives. PHHC is a collaboration of people and organizations, including hospitals and human service agencies, community leaders, business owners and schools, whose goal is to improve and maintain the health of all county residents through program development and outcomes measurement.


A Community Health Needs Assessments Survey conducted by Community Health Network, IU Health, St. Vincent Health, Riverview Health and Franciscan St. Francis Health, identified three significant priorities for the health of Hamilton County residents.


Indiana is ranked

     41st on the list of

healthiest states




Indiana is ranked


       42nd on the list of states with the 


healthiest well-being

Hamilton County currently ranks at or near the top of a combination of state and national health data surveys and health statistics. While recognizing these high marks, the rankings must also be viewed within the context of a state that has some of the poorest health rankings in the nation. 

Take a look at these statistics for more information.


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PHHC is about building community partnerships to address health needs. You’re invited to our quarterly coalition meetings to help us achieve that goal.​