A new school year means New Resources from Erika’s Lighthouse

A quick overview of what you will find includes:

  • Classroom Education Programs

  • Level I: We All Have Mental Health - for grades 4-6 NEW!

  • Level II: Depression Awareness - for grades 5-9

  • Level III: Depression Education & Suicide Awareness - for grades 8-12

  • Optional Program Additions

  • School Policy, Training & Engagement materials to align your efforts

  • Professional Development and Educator Supports

  • Teen Empowerment Club Resources for peer leadership

  • Awareness Into Action Activities with turn-key schoolwide campaigns

  • Family Engagement & Education

Ilana Sherman, Director of Education for Erika's Lighthouse, is more than happy to to help schools, agencies, and organizations determine what is best for their youth audience. She can be contacted through email at or organizations can set up a call with Ilana through her Calendy (

These resources can be utilized for free! The only ask is that Erika's Lighthouse be informed if the material has been or will be used. This can be completed through this link >

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