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Culturally Responsive Instruction for Holiday and Religious Celebrations

Our communities are rich with cultural and religious traditions during the end of the year. But meaningful multicultural education should go beyond saying that we're a "melting pot," having an ethnic food celebration a couple of times a year, and acknowledging a few well-known historical figures.

We currently live in a world where our knowledge about other cultures, languages, and traditions is extremely important to foster understanding and mutual respect.

So, what are some tools we can use this holiday season with our youth while celebrating?

  • Recognize various talents and accomplishments when focusing on people.

  • Make it more than just about food, music, or popular icons.

  • Seek various representatives to show the diversity within a common group.

Colorín Colorado, a bilingual site for youth-serving professionals and families of English language learners, shares several insights we can use now, and year-round to approach holidays in a culturally responsive way. The suggestions show how we can bring rich cultural content into the lives of our youth to expand their knowledge, interest, and respect for each other.

Click the link above to learn more.

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