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Emily Talk - Interacting with people with disabilities in emergency situations

About The Emily Talk

The Emily Talk began after first-responder Tom Felter learned of an incident where a young adult with Down syndrome was killed when he didn't respond to commands in an emergency situation. Tom took his expertise as a first responder and a parent of a daughter with Down syndrome to create a program that teaches first responders and the wider community how to interact with people with Down syndrome, autism and other disabilities.

Tom's work through The Emily Talk inspired an Emmy award-winning producer to create The Teacher of Patience, a 30-minute documentary about their story. Just like any one of us, Emily has good and bad days; sometimes her unique way of communicating and being fully understood can take a bit more patience from the listener.

Friday, March 8 · 2 - 4pm EST

OneAmerica Tower

200 North Illinois Street Indianapolis, IN 46204

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