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Indiana Legal Services Legal Series Trg: Justice-involved Veterans

This training will be a panel discussion regarding criminal issues for justice-involved veterans. Panelists include a public defender and VA veteran justice outreach coordinators. It will cover not only veteran treatment courts, but also the criminal justice issues for veterans who do NOT go through veteran treatment court.

Join this Legal Series Training through ILS on 6/28/2023 at 12n >,Ur5AIeYZ-k2mvlCzuiw9Ew,1YdKIIwZ7kCt6aSwbjVjDw,O89pHNqvr0mc8qIp5GPhgg,BlXWtXI9zkevhFXnFlas_w,2yVK92AAGEW6njmguLs_WQ?mode=read&tenantId=40c44618-5e7a-4c5e-b2a4-0467ceb37f53

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