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Updated National COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Home Tests Available.

● Every home in the U.S. is again eligible to receive four (4) free at-home tests ordered at or Delivery is free through the U.S. Postal Service.

Home Test to Treat

● Home Test to Treat is a new program funded by the National Institutes of Health focused on providing COVID-19 care and treatment for adults who are at greater risk of being affected by COVID-19.

● Adults who do not currently have COVID-19 or flu may enroll and receive free tests if they are uninsured or are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Affairs health care system, or the Indian Health Services.

● Individuals who are currently positive for COVID-19 can enroll to receive telehealth services for COVID-19 and treatment (if prescribed) at no cost.

● Enrollees may also be invited to participate in a completely optional research component of the program.

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